Welcome to Joe's Personal Training & Fitness!

Joe's Personal Training and Fitness is a private fitness studio in Tyendinaga that offers personalised fitness planning and functional training. If you are an athlete or just want general fitness and you don't like being in a gym atmosphere, then this place is for you!

When you come to Joe's Personal Training and Fitness, we sit down and discuss your fitness goals and come up with a fitness routine based on your current level of fitness. We want to make sure that your plan is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. The SMART principle.

I want my clients to change their attitude towards fitness and take control of their health.

When you start working out your perspective begins to change. I have noticed that most of my clients make choices that changes their lives completely. They start eating better, sleep more soundly and enjoy life more fully. I want you to reach your full fitness potential and to live the life you were suppose to live. So call today and see haw you can keep fit and have more fun!